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Friday Phone Calls, Part 6

Maybe it was the recent the full moon, or maybe it's just because Halloween is around the corner, but recent callers to the Boise Metro Chamber's front desk did not disappoint. 

"I hired a private investigator out of Kuna and I already paid him $600, but he called me back and said he didn’t find anything and I had to give him more money. Would he be under your jurisdiction?"

"We are moving to Boise and wanted to know if you know of any pest control companies for sale. We will be waiting to hear from you."

Friday Phone Calls, Part 4

Word's getting out that Boise is a great place to live, and our front desk is fielding phone calls from people all over the U.S. who have questions about relocating to our City of Trees. Not to mention, spring is in the air and tourist season is just around the corner. With this influx of inquisitive callers and walk-in visitors, the past few weeks' interesting questions have not failed to disappoint us:

“Do you have things like dining and recreation in Boise?”

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