BSU, Peregrine Fund Biologists Make National News with Lucky Peak Study

Peregrine Fund biologist, Dr. Chris McClure, in collaboration with Dr. Jesse Barber, Heidi Ware, and other scientists from Boise State and the Intermountain Bird Observatory created a phantom road on Lucky Peak to show that traffic noise drives songbirds away from forests and harms ones that stay behind.

Gardner Company Announces Development Plans for Parcel B

The space between Front Street and Myrtle Street in Downtown Boise has been the subject of several proposals over the years. The dirt lot, known as Parcel B, has great potential because of its location, proximity to downtown, and size. Multiple visions for the lot have been proposed, ranging from condos to soccer stadium to hotel. It seems the most likely option will be a hotel, possibly with residential units added down the road. 

STEM Students to Show Off Summer Projects

STEM, or Science Technology Engineering and Math, was the focus of a week long summer camp for students grades 1-12, held this week in Boise.  Campers completed various projects, from robotics to programming, and will present their work to the community on June 19th at the Foothills School downtown.  Students created robots, designed apps, and built quadcopters, all from scratch.  Representatives from the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce, Boise State University, Startup Grind Boise, the Idaho Technology Council, parents and other community members will be there to show their suppo

The Value of a Dollar in the Boise Metro Area

Bardenay to Open Airport Location

Bardenay Restaurant and Distillery will open a new location in the Boise Airport.  Bardenay will offer several of its signature mixed drinks, a menu designed for short layovers, and dishes representative of northwestern culture.  The new space will look similar to the Boise, Eagle, and Coeur d'Alene restaurants, with distintly "Idaho" decor and atmosphere.  Bardenay, which currently has three locations in Idaho, is credited with being the nation's first restaurant distillery.  They distill vodka, rum, and gin.  

Boise Metro Chamber Lauds ACHD’s Fairview Avenue Decision

The Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce today lauded the Commissioners of the Ada County Highway District (ACHD) for its decision to continue to delay the installation of medians as part of its Fairview corridor management plan for another year. The Chamber has been actively involved in working with businesses on Fairview Avenue to oppose the installation of medians for the negative effect it would have on the businesses located along the street.

Idaho Botanical Garden Celebrates 30 Years!

The Idaho Botanical Garden is celebrating a big anniversary - 30 years! And to fête the occasion, they're offering a 50% discount on household memberships until August 31.


Idaho Botanical Gardens
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