Letters From the Chair & President

Letter from the Chair

As Chair of the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce, I'm proud to represent this great organization. The Chamber has a long-standing tradition of supporting and promoting businesses of all sizes in the Boise Valley community.

The Chamber is the voice of business and advocates legislature that will benefit the business community. Our relationships with Idaho government officials run deep and we are a respected organization in the State Capitol. We strive to bring together community leaders to create solutions for issues affecting businesses, supporting the great standard of living our residents have come to expect.

We also support the growth of the area by working to bring in new companies looking to relocate to the area, and in turn, creating jobs. Our sister organization, the Boise Valley Economic Partnership (BVEP), is hard at work educating these companies about the many benefits of the Boise Valley as they travel the country to promote the opportunities available here.

The Chamber staff continues to make strides in new membership and member retention. The Chamber offers many opportunities for members to connect with one another including the popular Business After Hours, our Annual Gala and many other events. They offer many ways to get involved with the Chamber and fellow businesses with boards, committees and other programs.

I hope you take the time to look through our website and find out more about joining the Chamber and the many benefits it offers your business or discovering ways to get more involved as a member.

Thank you for your continued support of our great organization.

Candi Allphin
Chair, Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce
Senior Vice-President and Group Manager, U.S. Bank

Letter from the President

As the President and CEO, I’m happy to say that in my first years at the Chamber, I’ve seen many changes come about. Internally, we’ve adjusted staff and office efficiency, reviewed our programs and events to make positive changes, and enhanced the benefits of membership. We have increased our outreach into the community through the press and revamped many of our communication pieces to focus on members. Our team is stronger than ever and always here to assist our members.

I always want to hear our member’s concerns and what they need from us. As a membership organization, I know ultimately I am here to serve our members. Given that, we have restructured many of our committees to focus on our member’s needs and get legislators to hear their voice. Our focus for the future is jobs, growth and a pro-business agenda.

The economic partner of the Chamber, the Boise Valley Economic Partnership (BVEP), strives to bring new businesses, and therefore jobs, to our community. It is through their efforts that we have seen continued interest in our great area. The representatives visiting from prospective businesses have seen the high quality of life and low cost of living we enjoy here. Site selectors who visit are also mesmerized by the beauty of this community and consider these important features when making decisions about relocating or expanding their business. Going forward, we hope to continue their efforts and work with local research universities to continue to attract business and investment in the Boise Valley.

In conclusion, the near future will be important years for our community and the Chamber. We will continue to strive to be one of the best Chambers in the nation and stand behind our members to make their businesses flourish. We hope you join us and enjoy the many benefits of membership and support of our mission.

Bill Connors
President & CEO
Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce