How to post events

We would love for you to add events to our calendar. Eligible events are those for a nonprofit organization, artistic presentation, community event, or charity benefit only. When you post your own event, you'll have the ability to edit the event if things change and won't rely on us to manage that for you.

Step 1: Request Your Account

If you would like to posts events to our community calendar you'll need to have an approved account. You can request your account here.

Step 2: Login

After you have requested your account it will take us a few days to get your account setup. Then, you'll need to login to your account. You'll notice a login link at the bottom of each page. When you login, you'll be defaulted to your account page.

If you ever get to another page on the website and need to get back to your account page, you'll see a link to it in the footer.

Step 3: Create Event

When you are ready to create your event, go to your account page and press the link to create your event. Simply fill out the form for the event and click save at the bottom of that page.

Step 4: Approval

After you have created your event, we'll need to approve it before it's made live. It might take us a day or two to get it approved and live. We won't send you a note when it's live but you'll be able to see it on our community events page.

Step 5: Edit your event

If there is a change in your event or you need to cancel your event, simply browse to your account page (remember, you can access it via the link at the bottom of the website after you are logged-in) and you can edit the event.