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Support Funding for the State’s Career Technical Education Program
An appropriation of $3.7 million will continue to increase the talent pipeline for current openings in high demand jobs in health care, information technology, manufacturing and many other careers.  This will continue the reduction of student waiting lists and provide trained workers for Idaho business. 

Support Funding for Boise State’s Center for Materials Science 
Support $10 million from the Permanent Building Fund for the Center for Materials Science Building at Boise State University.  A facility for materials science will elevate the program to national prominence and enhance the growth of high-tech science in Idaho.  With $40 million from university and private donations, the total project cost would be $50 million.  

Support Economic Development Tools for Investment
The Chamber supports maintaining Tax Reimbursement Incentive (TRI) legislation that has directly led to thousands of new jobs in Idaho.  The Chamber will review new proposals for bonding infrastructure using voter-approved local option and review the recommendations of the Legislature’s Urban Renewal Interim Committee to protect this tool for future urban investment.   
Continue Support for Improving Education
To be competitive in the world-wide economy and skilled labor for Idaho businesses it is important in meeting the statewide goal of 60% of high school graduates eventually acquiring a certificate, 2-year or 4-year degree. The Chamber supports the Legislature’s continued implementation of education improvements.  The Chamber supports the State Board of Education’s request for $10 million for Outcomes-Based Funding.  This phased approach will allocate funds based on students’ successful completion of college programs, such as degrees and certificates. 

Support an Idaho Health Insurance Solution  
To avoid cost shifting to businesses with health insurance, adequate reimbursement for the delivery of medical services is important for Idaho hospitals and the healthcare community, as well as businesses that provide coverage to their employees. The Chamber appreciates the efforts of the interim legislative work group and will review proposals during the Legislative Session. 

Continue Reduction of the State’s Corporate Income Tax
The corporate income tax of 7.4% is still higher than surrounding states.  Idaho has been eliminated from consideration for economic development projects based on this tax rate alone.  The rate could gradually be reduced over several years.  One innovative approach could be to “buy down” the tax rate only after state government is funded at a certain level and the savings accounts are replenished.  

Support Additional Transportation Funding
The Chamber thanks the 2015 Legislature for increasing the motor fuel tax and registration fees to partially address maintaining the State’s roads and bridges.  Since the 2-year ‘surplus eliminator’ will sunset, the 2017 Legislature should approve additional revenue proposals to fund the state’s transportation system.      

Review Early Learning Initiatives 
The Chamber supports pre-kindergarten legislation and will review early learning proposals in the 2017 Legislature.  More Idaho children need to be ready to learn when they enter kindergarten under a program that features parental choice, local control and collaborative f

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The Government Affairs Committee of the Boise Metro Chamber represents the interests of business at all levels of government. The actions of government greatly affect the conduct of business. A single voice would not be heard, but the many voices represented by the Chamber ring loud in the halls of government. There are many opportunities to become involved through the various Chamber committees.

Local Government

The Local Government Committee works with elected officials and appropriate government agencies to ensure the Chamber’s perspective on local issues is fully understood. Although most interaction is with Boise City, Ada County, and the Ada County Highway District, the Chamber also works with city officials from Meridian, Eagle, Garden City, Kuna and Star.

For more information on joining Chamber Committees, please contact Ray Stark at 208.472.5225, or e-mail