Business Education Series: 3-Part Cloud Technology Training (Part 3)

Date and Time: 
Friday, June 2, 2017 -
9:00am to 10:30am

Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce
250 S. 5th Street
Boise, ID

Event Information: 

This 3-part training series will focus on helping you better understand working with cloud technology vendors.  We’ll address how to select and acquire the right vendors, share tips for budgeting and negotiating the best prices and then managing vendor relationship from implementation and training to security and renewals.   Attending all three sessions is encouraged or you can pick which one fits your needs.

SESSION 1 – SHIFTING THROUGH THE FOG OF VENDOR SELECTION | MAY 5, 2017 This course is a great review for any vendors but pays special attention to selecting the right cloud technology vendors.  We start by reviewing the consequences of not doing this well.  Cover two simple things that you can do that will save you tons of time.  And finally share experiences of what is working and mistakes we’ve made selecting the right cloud vendor.

SESSION 2 – MAKE IT RAIN FOR YOUR COMPANY - MAXIMIZING YOUR CLOUD BUDGET | MAY 19, 2017 This course focus is on maximizing what you spend on technology vendors.  So we’ll be talking about budgeting for the ROI and value.  We’ll discuss common issues for vendor and technology procurement.  We’ll review two simple things you can do to better manage this part of your business.  Bonus: For this session we’ll include a listing of recommended cloud based vendors by category that are considered ideal for small and medium sized businesses.

SESSION 3 – TAME THE STORM – CLOUD IMPLEMENTATION, TRAINING AND VENDOR MANAGEMENT | JUNE 2, 2017 In this final session, we address how to successfully manage vendor implementations, training, renewals and the related subscription administration.  We’ll review key points from the previous two sessions as well as tips for avoiding common pitfalls with technology vendors.  Then we’ll delve into the training and implementation best practices. We’ll review simple things you can do to ensure your cloud vendor is safe and considerations related to the support your vendor provides when something goes wrong. Hint - you don’t want to discover that your critical vendor doesn’t have a 800 number and is based overseas.  This is more common than you think.

Erin-Todd “ET” Hansen has been helping businesses assess, plan, and optimize what they do for more than 25 years. After starting his career at KPMG where he audited businesses of all sizes, he joined Timberline (now Sage) Software as a trainer and implementation consultant of their accounting and business software. Eventually he rose to senior product director of their three construction and real estate product lines with more than 30,000 clients. Upon moving to Boise, he served in a variety of roles at Healthwise, a health education non-profit. These roles included PMO director, and senior director of product management and design. Currently ET is in a specialized role to modernize their vendor relationships and procurement. Since starting in his current role in November, Healthwise is on track to return $500,000 from a $3 million dollar technology budget. ET is progressing toward his goals of consolidating 40% of the vendors into 3 dependable key partners for improved pricing and administration, and realizing an additional $349,000 reduction in next year’s budget due to better pricing discounts.

Boise State University Center for Professional Development (presenting sponsor)