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Day Seven: West to Idaho

Pancakes were served in the dining car this morning at 8:00am as the Empire Builder approached Minot, ND.  There are 34 stops between Chicago and Sandpoint. A handful of these are slightly extended stops where you can hop off the train take a short walk, or try and find a newspaper box.  Minot is one such stop.  I scored three newspapers today at each of our hop offs: The Minot daily, The Williston Daily, and The Great Falls Daily, which I picked up in Havre, MT.  A different high school sports story headlined all three papers today, which I thought was cool.

Day Six: On The railRoad Again

We appreciated our time on terra firma, and Chicago is always a great town to visit, even if it's just for a day and a half.  This morning we had breakfast at the Palmer House and stocked up on famous Garrett's Popcorn for the long trip home. Popcorn, in various fatty flavors, seems to be one of the four major food groups here in Chicago along with pizza, hot dogs and beer.

Day Five: Let's Play, Too

Sleeping in is one of the great pleasures in life, and felt just fine today in a big bed that does not fold up like something in a Transformers movie.  Yes, we were spoiled by the Palmer House bed, breakfasts, and bathrooms that don't move when you use them.

Day Four: The Sixth State

This morning came with a wakeup call stating that we were nearing the Twin Cities, and would be pulling into Union Depot St. Paul.  I was eager for this stop, as the train stays at the station for about 45 minutes there and you can get off and walk around for more than a couple minutes.

Day Three: All Aboard!

Our wakeup call came at 1:00am today, and we checked out and said goodbye to the friendly folks of the Sandpoint Best Western Edgewater Hotel, and staggered our way across the train tracks to Sandpoint's Grand Central Station.  According to the Amtrak Website and App, which was great to use to check Train #28's status, Sandpoint supposedly has no station shelter, rest rooms, or existence.  Thankfully, there is now a newly remodeled little station house which we camped out in awaiting our 2:35am train.

Day Two: SandPoint, Schweitzer, and Sleep

For some odd reason the second day of our vacation adventure started early.  We appeared at the hotel's front desk ready for breakfast, but a very pleasant woman named Jennifer uttered some words to us that we had never heard before on vacation, she said, "You're too early for breakfast."  We are not morning people.  When we hear people say that "mornings are the best part of the day," we agree, we just feel they should be spent in bed, so it was unusual for us to make an appearance at breakfast.

Day One: Bill & Anne's Excellent Adventure (On a Train)

Our President & CEO, Bill Connors, is chronicling his vacation from Boise to Sandpoint to Chicago via Amtrak train. Below is his first entry. Stay tuned for more from his adventure!


Friday Phone Calls, Part 7

"My son has misplaced his high school diploma and I’m trying to help him find it- do you have a number I could call for that?"

“Can you tell me the elevation of Boise?...Are you sure it’s 2700, because my smartphone said it was 4700.”

"I have a charge for 85.00 on my credit card statement that says it came from Boise. Do you know what business that could be from?"

"If I give you my friend’s address, can you look up directions to the approximate location?"

Boise Metro Chamber Calls for Civility and Civic Charity

As a community-based organization whose mission includes advocating for an outstanding quality of life, the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce is deeply concerned about the recent issues involving the City of Boise and Cooper Court.


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