Who doesn't love BUGS?

Boise Urban Garden School  (BUGS) is raising funds to build a new education facility, and they only have 9 days left to raise $17,214.00. Not sure what BUGS does, or what the new education facility will be used for? From their website:

"The Boise Urban Garden School (BUGS) is a specialized, inquiry-based education organization that utilizes an organic garden setting as the foundation for our unique learning environment.  In 2013,  we served approximately 3,500 youth through our multiple education programs, and since our founding, we have provided students with knowledge through “real life” experiences. 

Through garden based education, our goal is to help students make the connection between environmental sustainability, healthy eating, and how and why the two components intersect. BUGS programming helps youth understand these relationships as the learn how to cultivate and nurture a plant grown organically from seed to harvest; incorporating the science behind gardening, and the environmental and nutritional benefits of purchasing locally grown food, or growing their own garden at home.

Through our programming, we help our students: 

  • Discover how to plant and maintain an organic garden at home or at school
  • Explore nutrition in the kitchen to gain exposure to healthy foods that they can prepare at home
  • Understand the skills needed to create and sustain a small business through the BUGS farm stand
  • Overall, gain a deeper understanding of nature, food and the power to make healthy choices for their bodies and the environment

Building an Education Facility


In 1999, Dr. Trudy Comba donated piece of property located near the corner of Five Mile and Ustick Road to the City of Boise. The site included an education “barn” and 3.5 acres of green space. The Comba family’s vision was that the barn be used for educational purposes, focusing on kids in need. Over the course of the past thirteen years, the barn was unused and the property fell into disrepair.

In 2013, the City of Boise, the Comba family and BUGS began a partnership to bring the barn and the surrounding property back to life. This summer we started construction on the new 1,500 square foot indoor education facility and   commercial kitchen. Over the next five months, we will build a large on-site education garden and finish our commercial cooking space. This once deteriorating property will soon be abuzz with opportunities for learning at BUGS’ indoor and outdoor teaching facilities.

While the City of Boise and Comba Family are funding the majority of the project, BUGS is responsible to raise funds for the commercial kitchen, new administration offices, and 3/4 acre garden space - complete with a farm stand, greenhouse, tool shed, gazebo, and both in-ground and raised planting areas. 

That's where YOU come in! The entire project (garden and commercial kitchen) will cost $100,000. To date we have raised $80,000 of our goal, but we need your help to get us to the finish line! 
Your donations will help us build: 
  • A 28' Gazebo
  • Our Onsite Farm Stand
  • A New Green House
  • Materials for Raised Planting Beds
And will outfit our new commercial kitchen with: 
  • Pots, Pans and Baking Dishes
  • Knives, Cutting Boards, and Measuring Cups
  • Serving Dishes and Utensils
  • Small Appliances and Specialty Items

The new education facility is located in an area with high populations of low-income families. For children in this neighborhood there are very few opportunities for after-school and summer enrichment programs and the new facility will provide easy access to neighborhood children wishing to attend BUGS programming, and offer opportunities for greater community involvement through our garden and onsite commercial kitchen.

With the completion of a new education center, BUGS will offer an increased number of services to youth in our community through additional summer programming, field trips and workshops.. Through our new education facility and garden, we expect to reach over 4,500 Treasure Valley kids in the first year alone!

Other Ways that You Can Help

Get the word out about our NEW Education Facility! By sharing our campaign through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and email, you are helping BUGS grow! "

 You can learn more and contribute at:http://igg.me/at/boiseurbangardenschool


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