T.I.P.S. Noon Group Gives Back for Christmas

When Christina Williams and her T.I.P.S. Noon members met this week to discuss how they would celebrate the holidays as a group, they all agreed on one thing: they did not want to have another White Elephant party.

"We've all got enough of those going  on this year, so we wanted to do something different," said John Hezeltine. The group began brainstorming other options and decided to put their money and resources towards helping a local charity instead of simply throwing themselves a Christmas party.

Bobette Wood of Fairway Independent Mortgage Company was in attendance as a guest when the group's members pooled their donations. "They really wanted to just help people in the community, which I thought was such a nice thing to do," she said. Bobette was even more touched by the group's decision to give their donations to the Treasure Valley Down Syndrome Association- an organization very close to Bobette's heart. "My daughter has Down Syndrome and I know that organization well. They're good people. The fact that the T.I.P.S. group chose them...I can't even talk about it without getting emotional. It means a lot."