Talamantes Speaks to Chamber Members at CEO Speaker Series, Says Statesman Is Here to Stay


While speaking about the rise of digital readership (the percentage of people reading the paper on their computers, tablets, or smart phones), Pat Talamantes put several of the CEO Speaker Series’s attendees at immediate ease when he assured them, “Don’t worry, we won’t tell on you for reading the Idaho Statesman at work.” Knowing how many of them get their daily dose of the paper from computers, phones, or tablets, the audience laughed gamely.

As CEO of the McClatchey Group, the Statesman’s parent company, Talamantes spoke about the journalism industry’s capability of navigating the digital age without sacrificing journalistic values and integrity. This is exactly what attendees like Ben Ellsworth of Zenware were curious to learn. Ellsworth enjoyed listening to Talamantes’s take on journalism in the digital age, as well as the status of the Statesmans performance in this arena. “I was impressed to hear Pat say that the Idaho Statesman is doing things so effectively that other markets (where McClatchy has a footprint), are following suit with the adaptations that have been made here,” Ellsworth said. He added, “It’s always good to hear that Boise isn’t as far behind the times as people sometimes think we are.” Talamantes predicted that local newspapers like the Statesman will continue to be leaders in local news.

The Chamber hosted Talamantes as the featured speaker for the CEO Speaker Series, which is when members are invited to come listen to a significant figure of an industry and community give their inside perspective to the industry itself, as well as their personal tips for success. Since the Statesman will be celebrating its 150th anniversary this Saturday, the business’s stable longevity was a draw for some of the event’s attendees, like Tracey Stone of MassMutual Idaho. She said, “I am always interested in hearing from leaders in the business world, especially those that show consistent success and growth through times of recession.” Though Stone herself is not in the journalism business, she said it was beneficial to hear information about the advertising demographics and options for message delivery. “This will help me in our marketing plans,” she said.

The Idaho Statesman, a member of the Chamber for over 100 years, will be celebrating its 150th anniversary tomorrow. The special occasion will be fêted with a special section in Saturday’s print edition of the paper, as well as a public reception from 3:30-5:30 p.m. at the SesquiShop downtown where birthday cake will be served.

Talamantes had high praise for the local paper and our city, saying, “We think Boise is a great market, a great newspaper market, and a great market to live in. We think the Idaho Statesman is going to be here to stay.” We here at the Chamber couldn’t agree more.

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