STEM Students to Show Off Summer Projects

STEM, or Science Technology Engineering and Math, was the focus of a week long summer camp for students grades 1-12, held this week in Boise.  Campers completed various projects, from robotics to programming, and will present their work to the community on June 19th at the Foothills School downtown.  Students created robots, designed apps, and built quadcopters, all from scratch.  Representatives from the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce, Boise State University, Startup Grind Boise, the Idaho Technology Council, parents and other community members will be there to show their support for participants. 

The nonprofit Discover Technology, funded by MIT and Standford Engineers Drs. Paul and Laura Finman, hosts campers around Idaho for a chance to learn about STEM projects. 

Project demonstration will take place at the Foothills School of the Arts and Sciences in downtown Boise, 618 S. 8th St., at 1:30 pm on June 19th.