The Power of Referrals: A Chamber Member's Testimonial

We encourage our Boise Chamber members to be involved and use the resources we provide them to grow their businesses, and so it's nice to hear how it's going and whether our members feel like they're getting the most out of their membership. We especially love to hear about our members' interactions with each other- how they connect and are working together.

Upon rejoining the Chamber in 2012, Dan Reading of In the Bag Promotions made the conscious decision to increase their involvement within our organization. The following is Dan's personal account of how a few helpful referrals multiplied to facilitate In the Bag's seamless transition to a new location.

"Being a member of the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce is so much more than the sticker you put in your front window, or attending a function or two:  it’s about connections, referrals and networking. 
A year and a half ago, In the Bag Promotions decided to get more involved with the Chamber, initially to find ways to grow our business.  What we didn’t expect was how the power of the connections we made helped us in more ways than growing sales.  
In March 2014, we were approaching the end of our lease and thought about buying a building of our own- a daunting task no doubt.  What made it bearable and at times fun, was how we came to doing business with companies that were referred to us by our “Chamber Friends”.
Dannea Aylsworth (who we met when she worked at the Chamber) was aware of our undertaking and proceeded to put the wheels in motion at Zions Bank to lay out a financing plan. We were referred to Wally Lee at Business Lending Solutions to get SBA assistance after our initial plan didn’t work out. When the time came to pick a commercial real estate agent, Dannea referred us to Karena Gilbert with Thornton Oliver Keller. Karena had a stack of property options for us to look at within two days of our first meeting.  When we settled in on a property, we needed a construction company to do our remodel and Karena gave us the name of Jay Sonnenberg with HC Company. We also needed an architect to develop the plans and to HC Company’s recommendation, we selected INSIGHTarchitects, P.A. for the job.  Both HC and INSIGHT treated our job as well as if it was a job 20 times our size and helped materialize our vision.
Aside from just a remodel, we needed phones, internet, security systems, etc.  Through a networking event put on by Zions Bank, we met Kelly Ryan with Clear Voice Telecom, Inc. In our initial meeting, Kelly gave us the name of M2 Automation, one of their new customers, to call and ask about Clear Voice’s products and services. After a glowing review, we chose to go with Clear Voice for our phones AND M2 Automation for our security system.Other service providers we met through referrals were Tech Savvy, Pro Care Landscape Service, and Verizon Wireless (through the Ambassador program).
When the dust settled, 73% of these referrals ended up being Chamber members, and the ones that are not are on my radar to let them know of the power of networking through the Chamber. This year, we are ramping up our involvement with the Chamber even more and will be sponsoring a few events, participating in Business After Hours Trade Shows, and more.  We know that our level or involvement with the Chamber directly impacts our positive growth- and then some."
In the Bag Promotions, Inc. is a family-owned business in Boise that supports the local Treasure Valley community. Dan Reading and his fellow employees specialize in finding promotional products that will most effectively meet your needs, deliver your message, and accommodate your budget. They recently hosted a grand opening to cut the ribbon on their new location at 480 N. Latah St. in Boise.


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