An Open Letter of Thanks to Rep. Simpson for Supporting Brand USA

On behalf of our Travel Industry Advisory Board and our more than 1,820 members, the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce would like to thank Rep. Mike Simpson for his support of H.R. 4450, the Travel Promotion, Enhancement, and Modernization Act of 2014. We were pleased to hear that the bill passed the House yesterday and the Senate version could be up for consideration as early as this week. This bill reauthorizes Brand USA, allowing the public-private partnership to continue its critical work promoting the U.S. abroad and attracting international travelers to our country.

The broad, bipartisan support for this bill underscores Brand USA’s importance to our national economy. Brand USA is helping us capitalize on the booming global travel market and has shown an impressive return on investment in recent years. For every $1 Brand USA spent in FY 2013 promoting the U.S. abroad, $47 dollars were spent by added international visitors. For fiscal year 2013 alone, Brand USA attracted 1.1 million additional international travelers whose spending supported more than 53,000 new American jobs.

Idaho is a premier destination for international travelers looking to spend time in the great outdoors. Travel is a $3.9 billion industry in our state, supporting almost 24,000 jobs. Brand USA will help Idaho continue to attract international visitors. This is critical for our state, as tourism often serves as a gateway for greater economic development opportunities. The Chamber’s Travel Industry Advisory Board recently examined Brand USA and put their full support behind it.

We want to thank you, Rep. Simpson, for doing the same.