Members Working With Members

We can’t say it enough- we love to hear about our Chamber members working with other members!

One of our newer members, Brent Willie of Willie’s BBQ, attended our Business After Hours trade show in April to increase exposure for his catering business. Before the trade show, Brent was finalizing plans to serve his traditional Texas-style barbecue daily from a food truck he was having custom built, though he had yet to find a spot to park his truck. He shared this problem with fellow Chamber member John Wardle, owner of Idaho Athletic Club, at Business After Hours.

“Why don’t you park Willie’s BBQ in one of our Idaho Athletic Club lots?” John asked him.

Once the truck was finished, Brent moved it to Idaho Athletic Club’s Meridian location at 1460 E. Fairview, where he generated three months of strong business and won over countless barbecue savants and devotees.

While a seasonal fireworks stand is currently taking Willie’s BBQ’s spot, Brent will be back in business and ready to serve at the Idaho Athletic Club lot on July 5.