Gardner Company Announces Development Plans for Parcel B

The space between Front Street and Myrtle Street in Downtown Boise has been the subject of several proposals over the years. The dirt lot, known as Parcel B, has great potential because of its location, proximity to downtown, and size. Multiple visions for the lot have been proposed, ranging from condos to soccer stadium to hotel. It seems the most likely option will be a hotel, possibly with residential units added down the road. 

The Greater Boise Auditorium District (GBAD) owns the five acre lot, situated between 11th, 13th, Front and Myrtle Streets downtown. GBAD, which runs the Boise Centre, will sell the lot to a developer who can build a hotel to complement the convention center. With the expansion of the Boise Centre, there will be an increased need for hotel rooms to accommodate convention attendees. Parcel B is within walking distance to the Grove, and would serve the purpose well. 

Boise is growing as a destination for conventions, and with that growth comes additional need for hotel rooms. Events such as the Far West Regional Soccer Tournament brought thousands to Boise, creating a need for more rooms. Conventions, sports tournaments, and other events require increased hotel space in Boise. The convenient location of Parcel B makes it a prime spot. 

Gardner Company, the development company behind the City Center Plaza expansion and the Eighth and Main Building, has proposed the most viable plans for Parcel B. GBAD is considering options. Gardner previously proposed building a soccer stadium, but decided against it because of space constraints. With the need for hotel rooms, Parcel B’s future is likely to be that of a hotel, or two, with retail, residential, and parking space.