Friday Phone Calls, Part 7

"My son has misplaced his high school diploma and I’m trying to help him find it- do you have a number I could call for that?"

“Can you tell me the elevation of Boise?...Are you sure it’s 2700, because my smartphone said it was 4700.”

"I have a charge for 85.00 on my credit card statement that says it came from Boise. Do you know what business that could be from?"

"If I give you my friend’s address, can you look up directions to the approximate location?"

"My daughter was walking around downtown after the Idaho Potato Drop on New Year’s Eve, and my car keys fell out of her pocket. It was a palm tree key chain with a Toyota Corolla key. Did anyone turn those in?"

"I need to know what the property taxes are in Idaho, can you give me the number for the…taxation?"



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(Photo courtesy of KTVB News Group)