Friday Phone Calls, Part 6

Maybe it was the recent the full moon, or maybe it's just because Halloween is around the corner, but recent callers to the Boise Metro Chamber's front desk did not disappoint. 

"I hired a private investigator out of Kuna and I already paid him $600, but he called me back and said he didn’t find anything and I had to give him more money. Would he be under your jurisdiction?"

"We are moving to Boise and wanted to know if you know of any pest control companies for sale. We will be waiting to hear from you."

"I’ve noticed that the fall colors haven’t started yet- can you tell me when that will be? Since it’s going to be pretty hot for several days, will that affect the leaves turning?"

"Do you have any indoor arenas with seating where we can host a donkey basketball game? …The donkeys don’t play basketball, we just ride them and play basketball. It’s an old-fashioned thing."

"I live in Montana, and I just spoke to our Chamber of Commerce and found out we have a population of 2,000 people in our town, so now I want to move. Can you recommend any cities in Idaho that have populations of less than 2,000?"

"We’re from California, and thinking of retiring in Boise. I know that may sound crazy that someone would move to Idaho from California…"

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