Friday Phone Calls, Part 2

As we've shared before, the Boise Chamber's front desk is no stranger to the odd question here and there. Here are some of these past few weeks' most random inquiries and phone calls.

“We’ve been walking all over town and we can’t get a straight answer from anyone: how hot does it get in Boise during the summer?”

 “Could I have the number for the Better Business Bureau? I want to report this telemarketer that keeps calling me even though I’ve told him my husband’s taking a nap right now.”

 “Yes, I have a friend who’s currently incarcerated and he’s going to be moving to Boise when he gets out, and he wanted to meet some people and get to know them before he moves out there. Do you know some people that would like to write him or talk to him? Or can I just give you his name and contact information and you can write to him so he’ll have someone he knows when he moves out there?...He’s an entrepreneur-type who really likes to travel. He’s really smart. If you contact him, you’ll be glad you did…And what did you say your name was?”

 “I’m looking to relocate to Boise and…who’s Bill Connors? Would he be a helpful person to speak to and ask questions?”