Day Six: On The railRoad Again

We appreciated our time on terra firma, and Chicago is always a great town to visit, even if it's just for a day and a half.  This morning we had breakfast at the Palmer House and stocked up on famous Garrett's Popcorn for the long trip home. Popcorn, in various fatty flavors, seems to be one of the four major food groups here in Chicago along with pizza, hot dogs and beer.

It was snowing pretty hard this morning, and nervous hotel travelers were worried about their flights getting out of O'Hare.  No such worry here, everything was moving smoothly out of Union Station.  We took an UBER to one of the world's most famous train stations for exactly $4.27.  Once there, a quick lunch and a short wait in the "Metropolitan Lounge." The lounge is afforded to Amtrak passengers with sleeping car accommodations and elite Amtrak Guest Reward travelers.  In my previous life this was a nice amenity at major Amtrak stations in NY, DC, and Philly.  At Union Station, make sure you take a walk through the grand hall, and get a picture of  railroading's glory days,

The Empire Builder left Chicago for Seattle right on time at 2:15pm CST.  The return trip will offer us some sights to see that we couldn't see in the darkness on the eastbound route.   We pulled through Milwaukee past Miller Park home of the Brewers off to our left.  This, as I read my Chicago Sun Times featuring Cubbie Kyle Schwarber (former Boise Hawk) on the front page.  Spring training is here, thank goodness baseball is in the air.  This travel report wouldn't be authentically from me without at least one baseball reference.  We can now proceed.

Since this return train route is the same, and it is now dark, and we have nothing to report on, we thought we would pass along some images from inside the Empire Builder.  Attached are shots of an Amtrak "roomette" in bunkbed format and converted to sitting room format.  Also is a shot of the observation car, which was my favorite hangout.   My other favorite train hang out is the lower bunk, which is calling my name.

Good night from Red Wing, Minnesota. We should be checking back in tomorrow morning near Minot, ND.