Dave Fotsch is moving Boise forward with bike share

Reserve. Release. Ride. Return. This is the simple, four-step process to cruise around Downtown Boise thanks to Boise GreenBike. Boise GreenBike is changing the way people commute by making bikes accessible for running errands or cruising the Greenbelt - all with the ease of a mobile app. Whether you pay as you go, or enroll in a monthly or annual payment option, it's never been easier to cruise around on wheels.

Dave Fotsch is the director of Boise GreenBike and chooses bike pedals over the gas pedal. In his 2016 Annual Report, he shares a snippet of his journey pitching bike share and bringing stakeholders together. Since launching Boise GreenBike in April 2015, Dave has witnessed immense growth in membership and ridership as well as general acceptance in the community. As he looks to the future, he hopes to increase the number of racks and bikes, and engage more employers to partner with him and offer free or discounted membership to their employees. 

Get to know Dave better below and join him next week for Boise Bike Week 2017 and National Ride Your Bike to Work Day!

What is your all-time favorite film? Annie Hall

What is the best book you've read? Born to Run: Bruce Springsteen

What is your favorite sport to watch? Bicycle racing

Who is the most interesting historical figure? Gino Bartali

What is your favorite hobby or thing to do during the weekend? bicycling

Favorite place in Boise to take a visitor? Boise foothills

Favorite Idaho escape? hot springs

What are words you live by? The couch will always be waiting for you

Who is a local business or business person you admire? Russ Stoddard

What is the most important trend in your business/industry? Electric assist bikes

What is the number one reason to do business with your organization? We offer environmentally friendly on-demand transportation 24 hours a day.

Dave Fotsch is featured in our May issue of the Boise Chamber Metro Connection monthly newsletter. For more information about Boise GreenBike, please visit their website: boise.greenbike.com.