Chamber Applauds Governor's Plan to Lower Idaho's Income Tax

On Monday during his State of the State address, Governor Butch Otter highlighted a five-year plan to reduce the state's income tax rate, a move that businesses in Idaho have been rallying in support of for several years. In a proposal to lower Idaho's corporate and individual income tax from 7.4 percent to 6.9 percent, Governor Otter's plan would  eventually eliminate the top tax bracket, affecting individual taxpayers earning $10,718 or more per year and couples filing jointly earning at least $21,436. Chamber CEO Bill Connors maintains that a lower rate would create a greater incentive for new businesses to relocate to Idaho. Read the Idaho Statesman's coverage of the proposal, featuring various legislators' responses, by clicking here or visiting their website at .

To learn more about why the Boise Chamber is in favor of lowering Idaho's corporate and individual income tax rate, as well as our stance  on other political issues, see our full legislative agenda, entitled "Where We Stand".