Boise Metro Chamber Lauds ACHD’s Fairview Avenue Decision

The Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce today lauded the Commissioners of the Ada County Highway District (ACHD) for its decision to continue to delay the installation of medians as part of its Fairview corridor management plan for another year. The Chamber has been actively involved in working with businesses on Fairview Avenue to oppose the installation of medians for the negative effect it would have on the businesses located along the street.
“It’s not just a regular street but it’s a hub of commerce and probably the most significant hub of commerce in the state of Idaho,” said Bill Connors, President & CEO of the Chamber. “We want to thank the commissioners for considering the input they received and partnering with the business community on a solution.”
Originally, the medians were to be installed on an 8.5-mile stretch of Fairview between Orchard Street and Linder Road. The Fairview Business Coalition will continue to work with ACHD staff in planning the design when the issue is revisited one year from now. The Chamber has been closely tracking this issue for several years.
In February, the Boise Metro Chamber, in partnership with the Fairview Business Coalition, successfully lobbied the Ada County Highway District (ACHD) to delay the installation of medians on a nearly 8-mile stretch of roadway from Linder Road to Orchard Street. ACHD agreed to focus its safety improvements at intersections and preserve this stretch of Fairview Avenue as median-free to ensure easier customer access to businesses.