Boise Chamber Supports Fire Bond

Next week, voters will descend upon the polls for mid-term elections to cast their votes on a number of international and domestic issues. Although the Chamber takes a non-partisan stance, we actively support initiatives to better the business community and, most importantly, keep Boise a safe place to live. The Protect Boise fire bond featured on this year's ballot is an initiative we proudly stand behind, and we encourage our members and friends of the Chamber to vote 'yes' on Tuesday to the bond's acquisition. 

Protect Boise is a campaign promoting the city's acquisition of a 10-year, $17 million fire bond in order to fund a small number of projects to help the Boise Fire Department. These projects primarily entail remodeling, rebuilding, or replacing a few of the city's fire stations, as well as constructing a fire training facility on Joplin Road. Boise Fire Chief Dennis Doan spoke to the Idaho Statesman recently, saying the department has its own budget for basic repair and maintenance items, but "large capital such as (the fire training facility and upgraded fire stations) are outside of my budget." Therefore, the city is hoping to acquire the necessary funds through the fire bond to meet the Fire Department's needs.

The bond was proposed by Mayor David Bieter this past August and has been publicized by Protect Boise campaign manager Jonny Carkin. Though at first most civilians are unfamiliar with the bond or why it's necessary, Carkin says people are usually in favor of the bond once they've heard it explained. Not only does it ensure we have more responsive, better-equipped firefighters to protect us, but passing the bond will not raise taxes and will actually save Boise money in the long run, according the the bond's campaign manager Jonny Carkin. To learn how, read the Statesman's article here.