Bogus Basin Expands Summer Activity Offerings

Most of us are familiar with skiing and boarding up at Bogus Basin.  However, fewer Idahoans are in on the numerous summer activities going on up the mountain.  Bogus, because of a very mild winter, is adding more things to do in the warmer months.  Hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, and disc golf have always been a great way to escape the Boise heat.  This year though, the recreation area is expanding its operating hours for its eateries, adding three full days of lift operations, and has booked more live music.  Rather than opening the lodge only on weekends, Bogus will now open the Simplot Lodge Thursday through Sunday, with live music on Saturday and Sunday.  Three all-day music events, when the lifts will also turn to take bikers and hikers up the mountain, have also been added to the agenda.  A shuttle will offer trips from Simplot Lodge to Pioneer Lodge Thursday through Sunday as well, giving visitors the chance to enjoy the downhills.  When it gets too hot to stay in the valley, Bogus will have plenty of cooler options for outdoor fun. 

For more information about Bogus Basin summer activities, visit their website.  


Bogus Basin
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